About Sheryl

Sheryl Wilkinson grew up in Staffordshire. The only child of Martha and Paul Wilkinson, Sheryl was spoiled by parents in any other way. But, as childhood friends, I saw how she was with her parents. Even if they spoiled her, she appreciated it, and she reciprocated to them in a very positive manner. Meanwhile, Sheryl’s new baby had her remember everything her parents did for her, which is why she documents and gives back everything by putting up this website.

-Maria Silvers, Childhood Friend.

Sheryl was always an independent soul. She never once dreamt of having a baby, but now, as a young mother, she gave me advise about being a single parent in the United Kingdom. From finance to babycare and baby gifts, this woman amazes me. Thank you for existing and sharing your thoughts through this blog!

-Karina Kaufmann, Colleague and Associate

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